Saturday, August 25, 2012

Metabolic Health Determines You Being Overweight

Everyday we turn on the television, flip through a magazine or check out a website and find someone talking about the 'metabolism'. But what do we actually know about it? And how do we know if is performing at the right level that it is supposed to. And most importantly, can we actually speed it up if it isn't?
Our metabolism is essentially our body's engine and is responsible for many functions among them turning the food we eat into fuel or energy so we can move around and remain alive. Every decade as we get older we lose around 10% of our metabolic power.
Unfortunately this starts to happen from the mid 20's and the reason for this is that we lose around one half pound of muscle tissue each year because we do not do enough strength building and maintaining activity to retain our strength.
Thanks to that inactive desk job, family commitments, and addicting line up of must-see television programs our activity levels drop off drastically as we get older and most of us are doing way less physical activity than we should be. The outcome of this usually is that our body composition changes unfavorably (body fat/muscle ratio) and we become overweight. This exposes us to many diseases and health risks as well as faster aging.
Although we can not actually put our hands on our metabolism and turn it up like a thermostat, the good news is that by using proper exercise and nutrition strategies we can speed it up. The speed of our metabolism plays a major role in body weight control and is the difference between becoming overweight or staying at a normal body weight.
When you understand how they fit together it will give you access to more effective tools to lose excess body fat. The biggest tool of all that has the most impact on your metabolism is to get started on a proper exercise program made up of mostly strength training exercise. If you have not done anything like this before make sure you seek the help of a fitness professional so you start receiving your results as quickly as possible.
You may be young and have not yet experienced the downward slide of your metabolism and the corresponding increase in body weight, which is great. But it is important to start today to avoid waking up 10 years down the road and wondering what happened to your youth and vitality along with your slim body.
If you are older and your current lifestyle has negatively impacted your body, strength, health and well-being, get back on track today and take control of how you will continue to age. Making sure you have a healthy metabolism has many benefits that will help you maintain a high level of wellness throughout the years.
You will be able to handle stress, be resistant to sickness and disease and enjoy physical vitality and mental vigor along with lots of energy and stamina to enjoy your life as you work, play, eat, and sleep with ease. But allow your metabolism to slow down and become impaired like a dwindling old engine and it will interfere with your good health.

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