Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fit Over 40 and Growing Younger

We are living longer these days. They say that 40 is the new 30. New evidence now shows that exercise can actually reverse aging. This is great news for all those who want to keep fit over 40.
Because we are living longer these days, it is imperative that we keep fit and healthy as we age. It is no fun living to a ripe old age but suffering with all kinds of problems. Many baby boomers go to the gym in the hope that it will do them good, but now we have evidence that exercise definitely has a beneficial effect on health and longevity.
The study found that exercising a few times a week not just 'slows' or 'repairs' but actually 'reverses' aging in human muscle tissue. So if you keep fit and you are over 40, you actually reverse the aging process.
One of the signs of aging is weakening of the skeletal muscles and the increasing dysfunction of the mitochondria.
Mitochondria is the energy factory of the cells. As we age, experts say that our muscles begin to waste away (sarcopenia)
You can read the full report on this study in the publication Plos One, an online publication. A research team in Canada, under Dr Simon Melov from Ontario took one group of young adults and another group of adults over 65. They first tested muscle strength and then took skeletal muscle biopsies from both groups.
The older adults then undertook a 26-week whole body resistance exercise training programme, that involved stretching and other weight-bearing exercise on gym equipment.
The astonishing thing about this study is that after just six months of resistance training, test subjects showed a 'reversal of most of the genes affected by age' in muscle tissue.
It was found that the subjects;
Increased strength by over 20%
Their genes literally reverted back to the same markers as younger genes after only six months.
The other interesting point is that at the beginning, the older subjects were about 60% weaker than the younger members of the study.
However after just 6 months, they were only 38% weaker.
No doubt if they were to continue the regime they would be just as strong if not stronger than the younger subjects.
This is great news for anyone who wants to be fit over 40. Not only will you feel better, but you will also be increasing your longevity and level of fitness. Instead of resigning yourself to aging and losing fitness levels, you can now be confident that you are doing yourself good and literally becoming younger as you grow older.

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